The Stocker Foundation adopted a broader 21st century definition of literacy to help students keep pace in today’s rapidly changing world.

The Stocker Foundation remains committed to closing the education equity gap and making good educational practices great by supporting kindergarten readiness and ensuring students can read at or above grade-level by third grade. However, we can achieve more by combining these priorities to include STEAM-focused grantmaking.  Remember, literacy is a part of every content area, always!

What is STEAM?  STEAM is an educational approach that creates access points for guided student inquiry, dialogue, and critical thinking through the infusion of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics.  

The Stocker Foundation will partner with new and existing 501(c)(3) charitable organizations that can effectively and realistically address the following areas of interest:

  • Development of foundational reading and writing skills.
  • Implementation of cross-disciplinary and project-based learning through STEAM.
  • Safety-net services that ensure students are healthy, engaged, supported, and challenged, removing barriers to learning and academic achievement.  A small percentage of available funding per community will be considered.

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