1. If you display the Stocker Foundation logo on your website, you must have an active link back to http:\\www.stockerfoundation.org
  2. Reproduction quality artwork for the Stocker Foundation logo is provided below.
  3. You cannot display The Stocker Foundation logo in a manner that implies sponsorship or endorsement by The Stocker Foundation.
  4. These items should never be redrawn or modified in any way. By using the artwork provided, you will increase the standard of quality in reproduction.
  5. If the size needed does not appear below, a one-step reproduction should be made from the next larger size..
  6. To ensure reproduction quality, do not enlarge from smaller sizes or use artwork more than one generation from the original..
  7. Designated colors for 1-color reproduction are Black or Pantone 287 (Blue).

Click on the logos below to download a zip of the available file formats. 

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Deadline Is December 31